Brides go through great lengths to find that perfect wedding dress. It only makes sense that they would spend just as much time searching for jewelry to compliment their dress.

Right now, brides are searching for pieces that compliment their personality. They want to be unique and have jewelry that is unlike anything that their friends have ever seen.

For engagement rings, the younger brides are choosing princess and cushion cut diamonds most often. This differs from what the older generations chose. However, the new brides are searching for a modern style with a classic twist.

There has been a renaissance in brides choosing colorful jewelry. They are not scared to choose colorful pieces. Pink and blue diamonds are becoming ever popular as well as blue sapphires.

The metal settings are also an important part of the jewelry pieces. Platinum and palladium are the most common metal pieces. Platinum is a classic and highlights engravings.

Finally, we are currently seeing designers being inspired by nature, like this beautiful ring.


Pay attention to these trends at the next wedding you attend!