Patek Philippe is not famous for their Titanium watches, in fact, it is rarity when they produce a model in the lightweight material. However, when the fabled watchmaker builds one they do so in super limited quantities and the prices go insane. During the 2013 Watches Only Charity, a 5004T titanium model sold for the unbelievable figure of $4,000,000 (that is not a type-o)!

More recently on the 9th of March 2015 Patek Philippe auctioned off another unique titanium watch in Geneva at the charity Children Auction. The titanium model up for bid was an annual calendar refence 5396t. Once the auction began, what can only be described as frantic bidding drove the final purchase price to rest at CHF $1,000,000.

The 5396T model that went to auction is of unique designation and goes beyond the sapphire, titanium constructed case. The timepiece is engraved on the back with ‘Children Auction 2015.’ Additional modifications from the original production model include a silvery satin finish with blue accents and hands. The gorgeous watch features a hand-stiched alligator wrist strap in blue. Also, worth mention is the fact that Patek Philippe invented the annual calendar in 1996 and the 5396 remains one of the manufactures most popular model.