It has been well recorded throughout history Tudor Submariners involvements as the official timepiece of the French Marine Nationale, it has been much less clear the involvement in the United States Navy. It has been recorded the Tudor Submariners were used by certain units in the 1950’s and 1960’s but recently a relic from the past has been uncovered shedding more light on the watches history. What makes this find so special is that it has both issue number as well as case back engravings.


On the back of the watch the engraving ‘PROP USS Nereus AS-17’ can be found referring to the property of the USS Nereus a US Navy Submarine-tender battleship which was launched into the Pacific fleet from Pearl Harbor during 1945. The USS Nereus operated through the Pacific tour where it was responsible for de-weaponizing Japanese submarines. Before April of the following year it would unarm 39 enemy submarines before arriving in Japan.


The Nereus continued after World War II and had a long and storied career including passage across the artic circle. The Nereus continued in active operation through 1971 and just last year, sent to be broken down. This watch represents a truly different era in politics, global conflict and naval operations. Rarely is a watch found that is so clearly tied with a certain vessel, such as this one with the case engravings, in conjunction with the early pointed crown guard case and tropical dial making this such a rare and historic timepiece.