Why no modern machine can come close to the wonders handmade by de Boulle’s own in-housemaster jeweler.

Jewelry design and jewelry-making are ancient crafts — ones that rely entirely on the artistry and skill of the craftsperson who creates such wondrous things. For more than 30 years, de Boulle has been proud to have its custom jewelry designs made in Texas by a skilled craftsman, Tony Hoang.

Hoang is a master jeweler who prides himself on creating flawless pieces by hand, despite today’s many technological advances. Every part, every step, is done by hand. There are no premade pieces. Diamond-setting? By hand. Finishing? By hand. Polishing? All by hand. Hoang works to do justice to each design, ultimately creating a masterpiece to become loved for this generation and generations to follow. Hoang can also repair or adjust any of the pieces de Boulle offers, from the simplest to the most complex, worth millions of dollars.

“Hoang is a master jeweler who prides himself on creating pieces by hand, despite today’s technological advances.”

Indulge your creative side and have de Boulle craft a truly unique and exceptional piece of jewelry — the jewelry of your dreams. From a beautiful engagement ring to a special wedding band to a statement piece worthy of a red carpet, de Boulle is your source for exquisite custom jewelry. Fine craftsmanship and our exceptional service remain the core values of de Boulle, for more than 35 years — and our dedication to that craftsmanship is at the forefront of what we do. It’s what makes a custom piece from de Boulle so special. Contact us or visit, anytime, to explore. The possibilities are limitless.