Bond, James Bond

His Watches (and Several Quarantine Movie Ideas)

We all know James Bond as the suave British secret service agent who has been on missions all over the world. Ian Fleming authored Casino Royale, his first novel about the adventures of the charming MI6 agent, back in 1952. James Bond first appeared on the silver screen in 1962. Bond immediately showed extraordinarily good taste in automobiles and clothes and timepieces- to keep track of the time and, in some cases, help him get out of a jam. 2020 will feature the 25th James Bond, No Time to Die, so today we take some time to review our top five watches.

Bond’s wristwatch was not identified until Fleming’s second novel, Live and Let Die (1954). Bond wears a Rolex in this book, which is not surprising, since Fleming himself wore a Rolex Explorer, Reference 1016, on an extensible Oyster riveted strap. Fleming’s affection for Rolex is apparent in the first James Bond film, Dr. No. Actor Sean Connery, played Bond and wore a Reference 6538 Submariner without a date. It was not worn on the stainless steel bracelet but a leather strap- film buffs believe this was Connery’s personal wrist watch.

Rolex Submariner, Ref. 6538

Bond remained faithful to Rolex in his second cinematic adventure, From Russia with Love. Again, Connery sports a Rolex Submariner, Reference 6538. In the opening of the third film, Goldfinger, again the Submariner makes cinematic history. 007 lifts his tuxedo jacket to check the time, to reveal the 6538. We are also introduced to Bond girl. Pussy Galore, who is wearing a classic pilots’ watch the Rolex GMT Master, Reference 6542.

The seventies brought on Roger Moore’s debut as James Bond, in Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun. Again, Rolex takes center stage with a Rolex Submariner, Reference 5513. For the first time, the agent’s watch is outfitted with special capabilities. Q, the master of innovative weaponry, has added an array of gadgets. From deflecting bullets, to a circular saw, the watch even aided in disrobement. In Live and Let Die, 007 wore another watch in the opening sequence, one of the power-hungry Pulsar LED digital watches from Hamilton.

Hamilton Pulsar LED watch

Rolex Submariner Ref. 5513

Flash forward to the seventeenth Bond film, GoldenEye which featured Pierce Brosnan making his debut as 007. The brand on Bond’s wrist was an Omega Seamaster Professional 300M Ref. 2541.80 quartz dive watch. The Omega was also outfitted by Q and it had a few extra features: a laser in the pip of the bezel, and the other was a remote detonator in the helium escape valve.

Omega Seamaster Professional 300M, Ref. 2541.80

Brosnan returns as 007 and the Omega Seamaster Professional returns as his timely costar in Tomorrow Never Dies. Bond sported the automatic chronometer version of the Omega Seamaster (Reference 2531.80). Q Branch also outfitted the watch to remotely release a catch on a hand grenade. In The World Is Not Enough, Bond escapes his confines aboard a rocket bound for outer space. In his battle against Elektra King, Bond relies on Reference 2561.80 with the use of the hour markers with a light generator and a grappling hook deployed from the crown no less. Brosnan remains faithful to the Omega Seamaster in his fourth adventure, Die Another Day. In his final appearance as Bond, his watch remains the same, but the gadgets have changed once again. The helium escape valve can be detonated by the bezel and acts as a detonator for explosives. A laser housed in the crown allows Bond to defeat villain Gustav Graves.

There you have it, our favorite watches that have been featured on the wrist of 007 in the Bond films. We will have to wait and see what the 25th film will feature.

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