Dallas, TX —The de Boulle Motorsports team claimed 8th place in the ultra competitive LMP2 category of this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. For his debut at the endurance racing classic and what is known as the greatest race in the world, Nick Boulle joined the Prototype entry of Jackie Chan DC Racing in their #33 Ligier JS P217.  

BOULLE Nicholas (usa), Ligier JSP217 Gibson team Jackie Chan DC Racing, portrait during the 2018 Le Mans 24 hours race, from June 16 to 17 at Le Mans circuit, France – Xavi Bonilla / DPPI.

This year de Boulle Motorsports partnered with Meridian Veterinary Capital, Concepta Labs, Hydro Carbon Exchange, Dallas Auto Exchange and SpecChem to reach a worldwide audience at the number one sporting event. Each of these logos were featured prominently on the red and black Ligier LMP2 car that rolled off in Jackie Chan DC Racing livery.

starting grid, 33 CHENG David (chn), BOULLE Nicholas (usa), NICOLET Pierre (fra), Ligier JSP217 Gibson team Jackie Chan DC Racing, action during the 2018 Le Mans 24 hours race, from June 16 to 17 at Le Mans circuit, France – Photo Frederic Le Floc’h / DPPI.

The demanding 24-hour endurance race saw drivers from around the world take the start with Rafael Nadal waving the flag to start the race for its 95th running. This endurance race tests each three-driver team, pit crew and equipment around the historic 8.6-mile Circuit de La Sarthe, which only sees use two times per year because it includes many lengths of French public highway. Cars will reach speeds of up to 215 miles per hour.


The race was heavily attended with celebrities and many of the world’s most respected drivers competing in the field. Fernando Alonso’s attendance brought huge fanfare alongside Jenson Button, Juan Pablo Montoya, Bruno Senna, Paul DiResta and more.

Nick Boulle took the green flag in the car for the team in 17th position, after a less than ideal qualifying for the three-driver crew of Nick Boulle, David Cheng and Pierre Nicolet. During his stint, Boulle was able to move the car up to the 13th position by the end of hour 2.



After a long night which saw few incidents, the early morning hours brought drama for many of the teams. Through the night with low light and pitch darkness at parts of the circuit many drivers chose to be more cautious, but with light coming up and the track being at its best the times began to tumble around 6am. Along with this, several cars in all classes of the race made hard contact with the barriers at some of the treacherous parts of the track. The #33 entry stayed largely out of trouble though.

BOULLE Nicholas (usa), Ligier JSP217 Gibson team Jackie Chan DC Racing, portrait during the 2018 Le Mans 24 hours tests and qualifying session from June 13 to 14 at Le Mans circuit, France – Photo Jean Michel Le Meur / DPPI

Nick climbed into the car for the final stint of driving in the race and was tasked with taking the car into the top 10 of the LMP2 class. When the race finished, his goal was accomplished as the #33 car finished in 8th place in the LMP2 class and 12th overall in the competitive 65 car field.

“These moments will be with me forever, and I will never forget the fact that I was able to live out a childhood dream,” said Boulle. “It didn’t really set in until around my second time in the car as I drove up until just before night fall. I had this surreal moment as the sun has just set and I saw that I really was driving through the Porsche curves of the Circuit de La Sarthe at 155mph in darkness.”



About deBoulle Motorsports / deBoulle Diamond & Jewelry
de Boulle Motorsports is a living & moving illustration of the passion for excellence that de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry has for both jewelry & watches. de Boulle was established in 1983 by Denis and Karen Boulle, de Boulle has assembled an unrivaled collection of diamonds, fine jewelry and timepieces unsurpassed for its elegance and depth in selection. de Boulle has served thousands of discriminating customers and built a reputation as one of the pre-eminent independently-owned jewelers in the United States. Their sophisticated salon has a historical flair in the style of a two-story French villa. The Boulle’s have taken a continued interest in the community and currently supports a list of charitable causes. de Boulle also showcases Holland & Holland, the world’s most prestigious gunmaker, bespoke shotguns and rifles as well as clothing and accessories. de Boulle is located in Dallas at ‪6821 Preston Rd.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ and in Houston at ‪4444 Westheimer Rd.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ For more information, visit deBoulle.com

About Concepta Labs 
Concepta Labs is a clinical laboratory housed in a state-of-the-art testing facility in Dallas, Texas. We are focused on delivering best-in-class blood testing services to a national audience of healthcare professionals through a collaborative blend of applied science and innovative technologies in the fields of blood chemistry, immunology, hematology and pathology.

About Meridian Veterinary Capital
MedVet Medical and Cancer Centers for Pets is a 24-hour emergency, critical care and specialty animal hospital. MedVet is employee owned & veterinary led and is leading specialty healthcare provider for pets. MedVet provides specialty referral services, as well as emergency services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. More than 100,000 dogs and cats are treated annually at MedVet’s expanding network of medical centers across the country. Meridian is a real estate investment, management and development company based in Dallas, Texas. Working with an established network of financial partners, architects and construction management professionals, Meridian’s mission is to create value for its investors by acquiring, developing and investing in real estate and real estate related assets. Meridian is primarily focused on senior housing and healthcare related investments. Meridian has acquired or developed projects in many areas of the United States including Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts, Arizona, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, Washington, California, Alabama, Virginia, Oklahoma, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.

About Dallas Auto Exchange
Crockett Gambrel founded Dallas Auto Exchange after spending over a decade being immersed in the cultures of two of the area’s most prestigious luxury auto groups. The lessons learned from the strong leadership teams at these outstanding organizations helped him form a solid foundation, a servant attitude, and a strong moral compass. He excelled at sales and building relationships with clients, and he was consistently recognized for his over-the-top customer service scores. The idea for Dallas Auto Exchange started when he realized the need for a company that could fill the void that is left between the two most common types of automotive dealerships. On one end of the spectrum you have the questionable cars, hidden problems, and sub-par ethics that are often found at bargain basement stores. On the other end are the luxury dealerships that typically offer great customer service, fancy perks and quality vehicles, but typically at substantially higher prices. His vision for Dallas Auto Exchange was to provide customers with unmatched overall value by offering solid cars, outstanding customer service, honest advice, and a transparent buying experience that was actually fun. Our expansive indoor showroom is modern and impeccably clean, but it isn’t furnished with priceless works of art, or rich mahogany furniture. We prefer to pass the savings on to you.

About Hydro Carbon Exchange
Hydrocarbon Exchange is an individually owned corporation. The company originated in 2004 by Stan Archibald, Dennis Moser, and Scott Hopkins. The company was developed to build a marketing company to facilitate and leverage ongoing supplies from Texas Energy Management in the Barnett shale. Since inception, the company has obtained rapid growth by adding third party supplies in both the North Texas region and the Permian Basin. The company is actively involved in procuring producer and third party gas supplies and performs several different derivative and future strategies to allow for arbitrage opportunities. As a result of yearly campaigns, the company’s retained earnings have remained at a steady increase. There are over 100 companies and major producers that have ongoing relationships and contracts.

SpecChem, LLC
SpecChem is a Kansas City-based manufacturer supplying the concrete distributor network with high quality, industry-leading concrete construction materials. SpecChem offers a full line of liquid chemical technologies, including form release agents, paving and curing compounds, finishing aids, cures & hardeners, bond breakers, sealers, bonding agents and surface retarders, as well as an array of cleaning and stripping products. Additionally, SpecChem has a line of epoxy products that include adhesive bonding agents, epoxy sealers and coatings, and high-strength epoxy mortars and grouts. Finally, SpecChem’s comprehensive line of cementitious grouts, repair mortars, underlayments and overlayments, and specialty concrete accessories round out an exhaustive line-up designed to provide quality, innovation, and value to distributors, specifiers, and contractors.
Please visit http://www.specchemllc.com for more on SpecChem, LLC.

We are beyond excited to have been featured as America’s Coolest Store according to INSTORE Magazine! Read the article & interview here.
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Last year the Girard-Perregaux 1966 collection grabbed our attention as a very functional and wearable offering. Furthermore the 1966 Limited Edition in enamel was a simply incredible piece due to the intricate miniature detailing and cloisonné work. A year later, Girard-Perregaux has revealed the 1966 with a guilloché dial.


The technique ‘Guilloché’ refers to engraving a dial in hollowed, concentric patterns utilizing a large hand-turned rose-engine lathe. The new model employs this process to give the flinqué dial a webbed appearance, with each arabesque section beginning at the center and ending at the hour markers.


Along with the ‘Guilloché’ engraving, a raised bezel gives the 1966 further depth. The watch features a wonderful balance between the engravings, black printing, pink gold batons and feuille hands. Additionally the date window is carved out, and the effect of matting creates a highly inclusive design.


One of the outstanding features of the Girard-Perregaux’s 1966 watches is their face size. Typically we have seen dress watches at 40-41mm range, but the 1966 has ever so slightly downsized to 38 mm. Those few mm make a world of difference for many wrist sizes out there along with simple design cues.


Within the new 1966, the caliber GP03300 beats at 4 Hz. It is a self-winding manufacture movement that is finished with circular graining, Geneva stripes and an 18k gold rotor. The power reserve measures in at approximately 46 hours. Along with the mens watch, the 1966 is offered as a 30 mm ladies’ model with a bezel set with 60 diamonds. The men’s and ladies’ models are both offered with black alligator straps, curved to follow the contours of the case.


The Girard-Perregaux 1966 with guilloche offers a number of wonderful features. The combination of pure design with classic artisanal work and reserves its size to a formal 38 mm.

In the world of watch making, specifically high complications the grande sonnerie lives on its own pedestal. Both the grande sonnerie and petite sonnerie hold an elevated place, far above even split-second chronographs, perpetual calendars and above even the once considered untouchable tourbillion. While the first complications emerged in the 1940s the first grand sonnerie wasn’t born until1992 at the capable hands of no one other than Philippe Dufour. Only recently did Patek Philippe unveil their first grande sonnerie timepiece. In the world of watchmaking it is a very small fraternity who is capable of producing such a piece. They are in fact that special, and François-Paul Journe unveiled his Sonnerie Souveraine in 2006, on his own.

Defined a sonnerie is a watch which features an active striking mechanism that chimes the quarters and hours without activation from the user. A grande sonnerie strikes the hours and the quarters each quarter. For example, at 2:15, with a grande sonnerie, the watch would create two chimes (dongs) for the hours, and then one strike (ding dong) for the first quarter. At 2:30, the watch would emit two chimes for the hours, followed by two strikes for the two quarters. A petite sonnerie watch would strike only the quarters, at 2:14 you would hear just one chime for the first quarter. In comparison, a minute repeater, strikes the hours, quarters, and minutes, but it is activated by the wearer.

The trick behind the grand sonnerie is the power consumption, whereby a minute repeater is not faced with this issue making it an easier to construct. In a repeater, the chime mechanism is recharged by a slide prior to sounding. On the other hand, a sonnerie, siphons away power from the timekeeping mechanism throughout the day. The Sonnerie Souveraine by F.P. Journe is a grande and petite sonnerie as well as a minute repeater.

Take into account that F.P. Journe’s first wristwatch, wasn’t a simple watch, it was a tourbillion – the very first wrist-bound tourbillion with remontour d’egalite, ever. This watch was revealed in 1999, and just one year later, Mr Jorne would begin work on his sonnerie. It took six years before the Sonnerie Souveraine would be revealed to the public. Keep in mind F.P. Journe watches are developed by one man, François-Paul Journe. This project took six years to develop, however it should also be taken into consideration Journe released a number of other pieces during this time.


You might expect the Sonnerie Souveraine to be highly complicated to wear by the user but this is perhaps its most impressive characteristic, it is in fact, extraordinarily straight forward. Technically speaking however, the watch itself is highly complicated, requiring six years of development and during the creation of the watch F.P. Journe received ten patents for the new design required for its construction. During this build process the Sonnerie Souveraine was actually the first timepiece to be made in its entirety within the Journe downtown Geneva manufacture.

The idea however behind this watch isn’t to be a halo piece that lives inside a safe, rather it was designed to be a functional real world wristwatch. Even the case was designed with functionality in mind, made with steel construction, which as it turns out has the best resonance traits. The Sonnerie Souveraine is however sensationally complicated to produce and takes a single watchmaker over three months to assemble all 582 pieces. Despite the complexity in building the watch, the use couldn’t be more straightforward. The button at two o-clock activates the minute repeater. The button residing at four o’clock alters the watch from grande to petite mode, or switches the watch into silent mode. The time is read on the right hand side of the face while a power reserve dial can been seen at 11:30. That is all there is to it.

After taking the first prize in the 2006 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, it received ten patents during its development and only four are built per year and it is the prized watch of one of todays greatest watchmakers, few would argue over the watches value.

Upon purchase the Sonnerie Souveraine is not labeled with a series number, but the owner’s name on the case and the movement. According to Journe this gives the watch its own soul and own identity. To ensure your watch may be serviced for years to come each timepieces comes delivered with extra internal components.



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DALLAS – (February 11, 2015) – deBoulle Diamond and Jewelry hosted the fourth annual Sweethearts for Sweeney gala on February 11, in support of Camp Sweeney a summer camp for children with Type I diabetes.


Over 170 patrons attended the event at deBoulle, helping raise more than $253,000 to fund special scholarships for children with extraordinary financial needs.


Camp Sweeney, owned and operated by the Southwestern Diabetic Foundation, a non-profit organization, runs the only lifestyle development program for children with Type I diabetes in the world.


“At Camp Sweeney, we believe that simply teaching children about diabetes is just not enough. Our goal is that every child who attends our camp will not only learn about his or her condition, but will find the inner strength each day to do what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle,” said Camp Director, Ernie Fernandez.


When a child is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, his or her life is changed forever. Insulin injections, pump site changes, blood-sugar tests, and a diet plan become a part of the daily routine for a child with diabetes.


“As deBoulle continues to grow in the Dallas community we understand the importance of supporting our community. We proudly support Camp Sweeney and their mission to serve children with Type I diabetes,” said Denis Boulle, founder of deBoulle.


Donors funded camper scholarships, and purchased raffle tickets for high-end raffle items including a Men’s Rolex Watch provided by deBoulle, Mavericks Game Suite provided by B29 Investments, $2,500 Shopping Spree from Elements Clothing Boutique and Chef’s dinner for 10 with wine pairing from Abacus.


“Camp Sweeney provides financial assistance to any camper who cannot pay, but sometimes even this is not enough for children to attend camp,” said Dr. Fernandez. “The Sweethearts for Sweeney event at deBoulle allows us to bridge the gap for our families in greatest need.”


After the economic recession in 2009 Camp Sweeney’s special scholarship fund was at a staggering low. In 2012, the Sweethearts for Sweeney gala began as collaboration with Denis and Karen Boulle when close friend David Genever-Watling identified the need to replenish the special scholarships for underprivileged children to attend Camp Sweeney.


Doug and Holly Deason chaired Sweethearts for Sweeney with honorary chairs Brint and Amanda Ryan, past chairs Karen and Mark Carney and Connie and Marc Sigel. The Food Company and Pogo’s Wine catered the event.


The Sweethearts for Sweeney host committee was comprised of:

Lisa & David Besserer, Karen & Denis Boulle, Megan Boyd, Mary Ann & Jeff Bryant, Christian & Rebecca Cullum, Kelly & Cameron Doan, Diane Foshee, Susie & T. Hardie, Libby & David Hunt, Michelle & Carter Hunt, Shelley & John Koeijmans, Sharon & Mike McCullough, Jeanne & Ross McDonald, Maureen & Greg Redish, Gay & Rich Roever, Kim & David Roosevelt, Margot & Darin Ruebel, Marty V. Rumble, Edwin Sigel, Mersina & Phin Stubbs, Tricia & Randy Touchstone, Cindy & Gary Turner, Hillary Turner, Elizabeth Wimpress



About Camp Sweeney:

Southwestern Diabetic Foundation, Inc., a non-profit corporation, was founded in 1947 with the sole purpose of operating a residential camp for children who have diabetes. Camp Sweeney opened in 1950, under the direction of Dr. J. Shirley Sweeney, a Dallas endocrinologist, and has provided a positive turning point in the lives of more than 30,000 children.
After 65 years of operation, Camp Sweeney is regarded as one of the largest and most effective diabetes educational facilities in the world. Camp Sweeney offers the only 3-week residential diabetic life skills training program in the United States. Campers learn to recognize and treat the early warning signs of dangerously high and low blood sugar levels. By coaching the skills necessary to maintain tight control of their diabetes, we are equipping this generation to minimize the complications of diabetes in hopes that they will be good candidates once the cure for diabetes is available.



About De Boulle:

Denis and Karen Boulle established deBoulle Diamond & Jewelry in 1983 with a vision of providing their customers a premier collection of fine jewelry, luxury timepieces of world renowned brands like Blancpain, Breguet, F.P. Journe, and Patek Philippe, impeccable service and a beautiful and friendly environment. Then and now, these elements make up “The deBoulle Experience™.” deBoulle’s collection of fine diamonds, fine jewelry, and timepieces is unsurpassed for elegance, quality, and long-term value. Denis and Karen believe that purchasing fine jewelry and luxury timepieces should be informative, fun and very rewarding. They strive every day to make that mission a reality for their customers.

Join Hodinkee as they delve inside the F.P. Journe Factory to learn more about the making of their grande sonnerie. The first ever grande sonnerie & petite sonnerie complication watches were created in 1992 by, none other than, Philippe Dufour. The complication is so special that François-Paul Journe launched his Sonnerie Souveraine timepiece in 2006, by himself.

Take this into account as you watch the making of F.P. Journe’s most impressive complication – The F.P. Journe Grande et Petite Sonnerie.


Simply put, Patek Philippe’s Grandmaster Chime is a masterpiece. The idea for the watch came into play for more than 10 years ago and it took more than 100,000 hours to take this beautiful timepiece from an idea to a art & watchmaking marvel.

Take a closer look at the beautiful watch in this video produce by Hodinkee… Enjoy!

Up Close With The Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime from HODINKEE on Vimeo.

This special edition Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged was made in a fantastic partnership between Land Rover and Holland & Holland. The Holland & Holland Edition is currently the most expensive flagship model available.

The beautiful creation started with a long-wheelbase Autobiography Black model and went on to include even more upgrades and enhancements. The car’s color is a one-off shade of green specific to Holland & Holland that covers everything from the grille’s & mirrors to the bodywork – except for some characteristic chrome trim. Once inside, the details become even more impressive.

The Land Rover Range Rover Holland & Holland Edition’s interior has been outfitted with executive class reclining seats that make one feel as though they are in a private jet. The walnut tables, engraved door handles, and extra soft tan leather complete the experience.

In the car’s trunk you’ll find a special gun box that is crafted in aluminum and trimmed with alcantara and leather. A perfect fit for two Holland & Holland sporting arms… This box is perfectly mated to a deployable carbon fiber & aluminum cargo floor.

The car comes with two engine options: a 4.4L V8 turbo diesel or 5.0L supercharged V8 engine. The stunning Land Rover Range Rover Holland & Holland Edition will retail for about £180,000 or $285,000 with only 40 models built each year for three years.

The Henry Graves Jr. Supercomplication has long been known as the World’s Most Famous Watch.


A November 11th auction in Geneva reaffirmed this status. The timepiece sold for a recording breaking $24 million.

The Patek Philippe–designed watch was created as the result of a 1925 “contest” between two watch collectors, New York City banking magnate Henry Graves Jr. and automaker James Ward Packard, to see who could create the most complicated watch.

The $24 million final price smashed its estimate of $17 million, and more than doubled its 1999 hammer price of $11 million, which at the time set a record for a watch purchased at auction.


The Henry Graves Jr Supercomplication is a 14k gold watch which comprises 900 individual parts and boasts 24 complications (features other than time), including a perpetual calendar that extends to the year 2100, indications for the time of sunset and sunrise, a stopwatch for hours and minutes, an alarm, a map of the sky over Graves’ New York City apartment, and chimes that sound like Big Ben.

It is an exquisite handcrafted timepiece that may never be matched without a machine!

The Once and Future King… Preowned Patek Philippe Calatrava 5127J Revisited!


In Patek, luxury watch buyers find a champion of enduring beauty whose commitment to traditional dress watch aesthetics spans generations of bygone design fads.

The Geneva stalwart built its name on formal watches, but amid all of the auction-circuit hype driven by Patek complications, it’s important to note that the company’s modern icon remains the 1932 Calatrava.

A simple three-hand watch, it practically defined the rules for a men’s dress reference.


The basic Calatrava aesthetic endures with mild refinements in this reference 5127J. Produced from 2005 to 2012, the 5127J exhibits the calling cards of a classic Calatrava.

Whereas most round watches of the era featured a jarring transition from round case to straight lugs, the Calatrava blended the two into a seamless continuity that flowed from lug to lug.

In the 5127, Patek Philippe‘s signature “Calatrava” lugs merge with a case that measures 37mm in diameter. It’s large enough to retain a masculine presence alongside modern watches, but it retains the effortless elegance of the original.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 2.41.51 PM

Critically, the 5127 projects an aura of confidence; because it has survived the trials of time and buried legions of transient vogues, the Calatrava is an ideal match for a man who stands above the self-conscious fashion fray.