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Denis & Karen Boulle founded deBoulle Diamond & Jewelry in 1983 with a vision of delivering the highest quality collection of fine timepieces, fine jewelry and impeccable service in an extraordinary beautiful & luxurious environment.

About de Boulle

Origins over 200 years ago, built in 1983, redesigned each day.

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About de Boulle

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About de Boulle

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deBoulle Motorsports is a living and moving illustration of the passion for excellence that de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry has for both jewelry and timepieces. The racing team based in Dallas, TX, has competed in events all over the world: from Daytona Beach in Florida to Spa in Belgium to Le Mans in France.

de Boulle Motorsports

“Our goal goes beyond providing our customers with the finest retail experience possible. We are also committed to supporting and participating in our wonderful community.”

– Denis Boulle, owner, deBoulle.