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de Boulle – Proud Authorized Dealer ROLEX Dallas, TX

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de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for ROLEX timepieces. The fine Swiss watch brand just doubled down with confidence in their impressive timepieces’ performance by adding on years to every timepieces warranty.

As of July 1 2015, any ROLEX watch sold by de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry and other authorized dealers in Dallas, TX or around the world is now being sold with a five year warranty. In addition, an additional certification has been added to their watches.

Details on the Five-Year ROLEX Warranty for new ROLEX timepieces sold at Authorized Retailers:

  • Five-year guarantee demonstrates ROLEX’s confidence in the quality of its watches.
  • No “checkups” required during 5 year duration – unlike other Swiss timepieces’ warranties.
  • All ROLEX timepieces sold between July 1 2013 and July 1 2015 have had their warranties extended with an additional 1 year of coverage.

Details on the Superlative Chronometer Certification:

  • ROLEX created the term, Superlative Chronometer, during the 1950s in order to reflect the ability of their products to reach astounding results on the COSC certificates they obtained.
  • The criteria for ROLEX’s Superlative Chronometer certification requries that a timepiece achieve results 2x as exact as those required for a timepiece to be officially certified by COSC.
  • The latest derivation of precision testing by ROLEX has been updated to test cased ROLEX timepieces under conditions that simulate actual conditions on the wrist. This is a testing procedure EXCLUSIVE to ROLEX – one of a list of reasons de Boulle is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for Rolex in Dallas, TX.
  • In addition to an extended warranty, recommended service timing has been extended by ROLEX to ten years.

de Boulle is located just south of Preston Road in Dallas, TX directly beside Vintage Car Wash. As an Authorized Rolex Dealer, we carry a large inventory of fine new ROLEX timepieces and are able to facilitate service through ROLEX.