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deBoulle has been in business for more than 36 years — and today prides itself on separating itself from the competition with its own branded line of jewelry, the deBoulle Collection. In 2014, we produced our first magazine that focused solely on the deBoulle Collection line of jewelry. The designer and curator behind the collection, Karen Boulle, describes the collection best in her own words, “It’s an eclectic mix that provides a complete range of fine jewelry from beautiful everyday/every event diamond earrings to elegant, stately suites of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings for special red carpet occasion.”

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Rope Link Collection

Much of Karen’s inspiration springs from her childhood, living in the farthest corners of the world with her well-traveled parents. “I’ve always been attracted to color,” she says, “and I think that’s from the markets I saw, growing up. The Ghurka women had these amazing colored bangles. And when my father would go to Kathmandu, he would bring back beautiful little boxes with turquoise and coral.”

Mrs. Boulle was prominently featured in the 2014 magazine. What we did not anticipate was the overwhelming response we received from her necklace.

Inspired by the Boulle lifestyle. The design included the letter “B” added adjacent to the toggle. Crafted with exceptional care the deBoulle “B” Link collection was introduced with an updated nautical rope texture. The necklace now comes in two sizes and is hand-made in Italy in 18K white, rose and of course yellow gold.

Shortly after wards, the “B” Link bracelets were introduced.

Rope Link Collection
Rope Link Collection

The deBoulle “B” Link Collection features a nautical texture available in 18K rose, white or yellow gold.

Each deBoulle “B” Link piece is individually cast and hand-finished in Italy.

“This is a wonderful business to be in. We are surrounded by beauty and are a part of so many special celebrations and milestones.”

– Karen Boulle

Rope Link Collection