Horology is the science of time, timekeeping, and timekeepers. Knowing how to wind and set your watch is important for anyone interested in this science.

A timepiece can be a big investment, so it is imperative that you know how to keep them in top condition. It’s always a good time for a primer on setting and winding a watch—whether the timepiece is powered by a battery, requires near-daily winding, or winds itself when worn on the wrist.

Check out this informative video from David Lee, the Vice President of Certified Pre-Owned at Tourneau, as he offers an easy-to-understand guide to the fundamentals of horology: How To Wind and Set Your Watch

We hope this helps you understand how to keep your timepiece in great working condition!

Though many fine timepieces are built to last more than a lifetime, watches are subject to everyday stresses like dings, magnetization, and contact with rain or perspiration.

A general rule of thumb? Visit your local repair shop for a quick look  every year or two—as well as a full service approximately every five years.

Here are a few reliable indicators that it’s a good idea to have an expert take a look at your prized timepiece:

1. Moisture in the case

2. The second hand skips several seconds

3. You hear a rattle inside the case, or the hands on the dial seem ‘loose.’

4. The watch is fast or slow (4-6 seconds) throughout the day

If your timepieces are experiencing any of these indicators, get it checked out immediately!

Sometimes, less is more. That  seems to be the current trend in the higher echelons of horology.

Despite the world being enthralled by technological advances, the finest watchmakers stick to relatively simple designs. They believe that their costumers are not looking to be flashy. The US President of Patek Philippe, Larry Pettinelli, says “Our customers aren’t usually trying to show the world that they’ve made it, most people don’t recognize our watches from 10 feet away unless they’re collectors.”

Here are some examples of Patek Philippe’s latest timepieces:



These pieces are beautiful and amazingly built– everything you have come to expect from Patek. They are not over the top  and people enjoy that. Even complicated-watch fans are starting to acknowledge the absurdity of certain gizmos.

It seems that simple is the new way to go.

Bell & Ross has always been passionate about military history and values. To go even further in its quest for excellence, Bell & Ross has made aviation, especially aeronautical instruments, a main source of inspiration.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 4.58.09 PM

Many of its present collections pay tribute to the timekeepers that the military have used throughout history on land, sea or in the air, including First World War pocket watches, Second World War flight instruments with special functions and 1960s instrument panels.

Sharing the army’s values of performance and excellence, Bell & Ross regularly supports elite units by designing watches that perform particular functions or celebrate special occasions. Reliability, performance and resistance are essential for these special timekeeping instruments. Military watches are the finest examples of the successful combination of readability and functionality.

The armed forces have always been the most demanding users of watches.Their requirements and specific demands pushed manufacturers to go even further regarding reliability, accuracy and functionality.

Each parameter —case diameter, special functions, water- resistance, day and night readability, luminous indexes, oversized numerals, precision, autonomy, shock and temperature resistance, anti-magnetic cases, rotating bezels— becomes a key factor when a military institution chooses a watch. The professional instruments that Bell & Ross has designed for the Special Forces prove its ability to meet very specific needs.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 4.57.27 PM

Bell & Ross, which has always blazed its trail in the light of military history, is proud to see members of the fighting forces and cutting-edge institutions wearing its watches today.



BELL & ROSS partnered with the 29th International Automobile Festival as they unveiled a legendary airplane-motorcycle. The combination vehicle is called: The B-Rocket.

The 29th International Automobile Festival has been known to set the world’s standard of design in the autumotive industry. Because of this they took advantage of the sumptuous surroundings at the Hotel des Invalides which was located just beside the convention.




As partner of the official ceremony, their continued work together meant that this year was the 8th consecutive year of partnership for the 2 organizations coming together to celebrate associating designs, trends, and prestigious automobiles.

Bell & Ross allowed, to the benefit of many mechanical & art lovers, attendees to view the B-Rocket concept bike. The B-Rocket combined a neo-vintage look with aerodynamic lines that were inspired by racing motorcycles and experimental US aviation of the 1960’s. The result is a bike that falls somewhere between a motorcyle and a plane. The B-Rocket concept-bike was produced with help from Harley-Davidson. It will be unveiled at Baselworld 2014 – the International Watch & Jewelry Show – from Mach 27th to April 3rd in Basel, Switzerland.



Nearly 600 attendants ranged in expertise and background from designers to car & motorcycle manufacturers as well as media at the ceremony. Many concept cars – some of them exclusive to the world – were introduced to the delight of those in attendance. 14 Grand Prizes (Grands Prix) were awarded by the Festival’s jury to both individuals and companies celebrating their admirable talents. The most notable prize was for the Palme d’Or.

The CEO of Bell & Ross was also a Member of the jury – Carlos A. Rosillo. Mr. Rosillo rewarded the prestigious Palme d’Or to Vincent Bolloré for his Autolib’ project (self-service electric cars).

Bell & Ross recently paid tribute to the Aeronautica Militare with an iconic commemorative watch in order to mark the 30th anniversary of the illustrious TORNADO combat aircraft.

A World of Inspiration

Directly inspired by aircraft cockpit clocks, Bell & Ross instrument watches are based on four fundamental principles: readability, functionality, precision and water-resistance. Known as the benchmark for luxury watchmaking, Bell & Ross watches meet the demands of the most extreme conditions.

The latest prestige reference for the Bell & Ross brand are Tornado pilots. Rafale pilots and combat divers are all synonymous to quality and reliability for professionals working in extreme conditions.

A Tribute to the Aeronautica Militare

Fighter planes are known to be the masters of the skies because they are sleek, stylish and powerful. In the 1980s, fighter aviation in Europe was prolific. A perfect example of this is the Panavia Tornado .

During the 1970s, the MRCA 75 (Multi-Role Combat Aircraft 1975), soon to be known as the Tornado, was jointly developed by the UK, Germany and Italy. It was designed to be at the forefront of high-performance navigation and extreme precision.

These “Warriors of the Skies” can reach Mach 2.34 (2,417 km/h) and have a range of 1,400 km. The Tornado has been described as a genuine masterpiece of technology and a legendary aircraft capable of supersonic acceleration.

These multi-purpose combat aircrafts are based in Ghedi and Piacenza and carry out recognition, defense, and attack missions for the 6th and 50th squadrons. They are an integral part of the Comando della Squadra Aerea

Inspired by the values of this exceptional aircraft, Bell & Ross is greatly honored to spotlight this aeronautic model.

BR03-94 TORNADO: A Watch with Character

Based on an unchanging principle, form follows function, Bell & Ross has always designed watches for professionals.

The Instrument BR collection, which have become the brand’s iconic models, are characterized by its clean lines. This collection authentically echoes the design of a plane’s cockpit clock, with extreme readability and reliability. It is designed for men of action looking for precision and robustness.

In order to commemorate 30 years of the eponymous aircraft, Bell & Ross has designed the Instrument BR03-94 TORNADO special edition. A limited edition of 50 watches have been released worldwide for sale to the general public.

With 42 mm in diameter, the BR 03-94 TORNADO is a functional watch par excellence. This piece is ideal for professionals for whom every second count. It is perfectly readable day or night, due to its matte black dial, anti-glare sapphire crystal and imposing photoluminescent hands.

The BR 03-94 is also water-resistant to 100 m and powered by a high-precision Swiss mechanical movement with a two-counter chronograph and a power reserve of 40 hours. It is fitted with a black rubber or heavy-duty synthetic canvas strap, guaranteeing durability and comfort, with a simple and discreet design.

The Instrument BR 03-94 TORNADO elegantly displays a logo specifically designed for this anniversary and the colors of the Squadra Aerea Tornado. It has perfect functionality.

The Instrument BR 03-94 TORNADO is currently available from authorized retailers in Italy and in Bell & Ross boutiques.

Determining how a watch company got its name is pretty straight forward, they are usually named after the founders.  Breguet, Abraham-Louis Breguet.  Patek Philippe, Norbert Patek founded his watch company and later hired Adrien Philippe.  Jaeger-leCoultre, Edmond Jaeger joined forces with the company Antoine LeCoultre founded 80 years prior.  Girard-Perregaux, Constant Girard married Marie Perregaux and took charge of her family’s manufacturer.

Some are a bit tricker.  TAG Heuer began as Heuer Watch Mfg in 1860 and in 1985 the French firm Techniques d’Avant Garde bought them.  Viola!, TAG Heuer.  Bell & Ross, Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo.  Bell & Ross not only is easier to say but it fits on the dial much better.  Hublot is an Italian word for porthole.  Bonus points if you can get Maurice Lacroix.  He was on the board of the Swiss firm Desco when they changed their watch manufacture from private label to a branded watch.

Some incorporate the region of the manufacturer.  IWC Schaffhausen is located in Schaffhausen Switzerland, north of Zurich.  Glashütte Original is in Glushutte in the Saxony region of Germany.  Lange & Sohne is located there as well, named after Ferdinand Lange of course.

And then there’s Rolex.  Hans Wilsdorf started his watch company in London in 1905.  Perhaps the name Wilsdorf was difficult to pronounce or like B&R didn’t fit the dial well.  Whatever the reason, he registered the trademark Rolex in 1908 and a brand was born.  There is much conjecture behind the name including the odd one that Rolex is the sound made when the watch is wound…hmmm.  James Dowling of TimeZone claims that Rolex was simply made up.  This falls neatly into the theory of the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.  Wherever the name came from, Rolex isn’t talking which makes it all speculation.  But that’s usually the fun part.