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Beyoncé has set the bar quite high for gifts this year in her family… It is the “word on the tweet” that she recently gifted a fine Hublot timepiece to her husband, Jay Z. The watch she supposedly gave him is a special edition Hublot Big Bang that is literally covered in diamonds.

The timepiece is supposed to have been given to Jay-Z as a gift by Beyoncé for his birthday and it makes one wonder what on Earth he will be getting for Christmas this year! The wach has 1,282 diamonds on its face and its bracelet — the entire Hublot watch — and total more than 140 carats. The Hublot timepiece is made from White Gold to hold and support all of the valuable gemstones.

This Hublot timepiece holds not only value in its materials and diamond & gold weight, but also in its design and build. Hublot purportedly took 14 months to design and make the one-off timepiece. This gift stands as yet another perfect example of the world’s newfound focus on value-driven goods.

We can’t wait to see what Jay Z gets Beyonce for her birthday…

To see a close up look at the $5,000,000 timepiece Beyoncé got for her hubby, take a look at our video below…