de Boulle Collection Fancy Yellow Diamond Cuff


The Breguet Reine de Naples Day/Night ladies timepiece will feature a new patented automatic movement. It has a unique indication on two dials with one showing the traditional hours & minutes and the other showing the hours of day and night… The timepiece is accented with brilliant blue on the complications within its face as well as a stunning diamond bezel.

The timepiece features a disc of lapis lazuli for the sky, the clouds are made with mother of pearl, gold represents the stars, and engraved platinum shows the moon. The sun is symbollized by the facetted rim of the watch’s balance wheel.

The balance moves through the day and so the sun makes a tour each day as it passes beneath the steel bridge that supports the mechanism and meets the hands for hours and minutesas it reaches its zenith facing the onlooking engraved titanium moon!

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