It seems that spring and summer are the most popular times to get engaged. If you are thinking of popping the question, make sure you know what to look for when picking out a diamond for that special someone!

When selecting a diamond, you need to examine the diamond’s 4 C’s.

What are the 4 C’s you ask? Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat.

Cut– This is the most important part of the diamond. Cut is used to describe the shape and the reflective qualities of the jewel. When a diamond is well-cut, light enters through the table and travels to the pavilion where it reflects from one side to the other before reflecting back out of the diamond through the table and to the observer’s eye.

Clarity– Most diamonds do contain some inner flaws that occur during the formation process. The visibility, number, and size of these flaws determine what is called the clarity of a diamond. Diamonds that are clear create more brilliance, and thus are more highly prized, and priced.

Color– Color is a result of the composition of the diamond, and it never changes over time. Colorless diamonds are the most desirable since they allow the most refraction of light and therefore sparkle. Off white diamonds absorb light, inhibiting brilliance.

Carat– This is the unit of weight for a diamond. Since large diamonds are found less than small diamonds, as the size of the diamond becomes larger, so does the price.

Now that you have these guidelines on what to look for when buying a diamond, you are ready to head to the store!