The emerald is a stone known for its undeniable allure and stunning color. It is generally associated with lush landscapes and the deepest greens. That is why Ireland’s nickname is the Emerald Isle.

Podicko Emerald and Diamond Cluster Ring, 9 emeralds 9.38cts, 52 RBC 1.28cts, wygold

Emeralds are 20 times rarer than diamonds. This lack of supply caused them to fall out of the limelight in the past. However, new emeralds have been mined in Colombia  and Brazil. This new supply has made the jewels popular again, despite the demand still outweighing the supply.

Celebrities have had a history of wearing this beautiful stone– Elizabeth Taylor often wore emeralds, Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring was an emerald and Angelina Jolie sported a stunning pair to the Oscars in 2009.


Angelina Jolie Emerald collection

So, if you are in the need for a new piece of jewelry, an emerald may be the way to go!