This special edition Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged was made in a fantastic partnership between Land Rover and Holland & Holland. The Holland & Holland Edition is currently the most expensive flagship model available.

The beautiful creation started with a long-wheelbase Autobiography Black model and went on to include even more upgrades and enhancements. The car’s color is a one-off shade of green specific to Holland & Holland that covers everything from the grille’s & mirrors to the bodywork – except for some characteristic chrome trim. Once inside, the details become even more impressive.

The Land Rover Range Rover Holland & Holland Edition’s interior has been outfitted with executive class reclining seats that make one feel as though they are in a private jet. The walnut tables, engraved door handles, and extra soft tan leather complete the experience.

In the car’s trunk you’ll find a special gun box that is crafted in aluminum and trimmed with alcantara and leather. A perfect fit for two Holland & Holland sporting arms… This box is perfectly mated to a deployable carbon fiber & aluminum cargo floor.

The car comes with two engine options: a 4.4L V8 turbo diesel or 5.0L supercharged V8 engine. The stunning Land Rover Range Rover Holland & Holland Edition will retail for about £180,000 or $285,000 with only 40 models built each year for three years.

En route to Basel 2013, we stopped at the Holland & Holland factory outside London. We took photos where we could and placed them below so that everyone could enjoy the experience. The fine craftsmanship is unlike any other in the industry. If you ever get the opportunity to see the factory where Holland & Holland rifles & Holland & Holland shotguns are made, take it! Seeing the art and craftsmanship that goes into making a single Holland & Holland gun is breathtaking… Enjoy the photos!

Patek Philippe Ladies' Nautilus Quartz White Gold (7011/1G)

The Holland & Holland boutique is about to open above the bright yellow French chateaux-style building that has become synonymous to many seeking the fine products. Because of this we want to begin to highlight a few of the reasons that Holland and Holland’s and deBoulle Diamond & Jewelry’s partnership fits so well. Both of these companies produce excellent products and have long histories of aspiring to give their customer’s the best and most finely crafted luxury pieces that they can.

One area of comparison can be seen in how deBoulle and Holland and Holland have made partnerships with major players in the luxury automobile markets. Over the years,   deBoulle has built a strong brand presence in motorsports both locally and nationally as well as through many special events held at the deBoulle salon promoting motorsports, cars, and other luxury lifestyle items. A perfect example of how Holland and Holland have made these similar brand partnerships is the Holland & Holland Overfinch Range Rover.

This partnership between Range Rover, the bespoke gun company Holland & Holland, and Overfinch is the epitome of the luxury style. It rolls active lifestyle activities, luxury, and fine craftsmanship into one stunning vehicle. There were only 100 of these rare Overfinch Range Rover SUVs produced and so chances are you will only get to see it here…

The Holland & Holland Range Rover is truly THE ULTIMATE Range Rover as it is outfitted with a gorgeous custom gun cabinet that would look just as beautiful in a fine English countryside estate as it does in the SUV. It has a massive integrated fridge between the back seats that allows one to store any of the fine vintage scotch’s you have been hoarding for as long as you would like. To add to the vehicles appeal, the Range Rover’s owners will be guaranteed a full stock of liquor at all times during their first year – Range Rover will keep the car’s booze box filled constantly as an added bonus. Whatever your favorite scotch or liquor may be, it will be delivered straight to the door – of your Holland & Holland Range Rover.

The interior of this stunning car is outfitted with bespoke leather and wood specifically to match the custom gun & liquor cabinets. The only items that must be ordered separately are the matching guns from Holland & Holland. Bespoke shotguns will be built and crafted exactly how you want them and specifically to fit your personal taste and individual shape / size.

Finally, the power component of the vehicle… The  owner has his choice of either a blown V8 with 503 horsepower or the diesel TDV8. For more information regarding Holland & Holland or deBoulle Diamond & Jewelry please do not hesitate to contact the Experts at deBoulle Diamond & Jewelry.

For those that don’t know, Holland and Holland is an English brand of fine sporting arms that was established in 1835. Their custom sporting Holland and Holland rifles and Holland and Holland shotguns have come to represent fine craftsmanship not only within the bespoke hunting industry, but for all handmade goods. Holland & Holland has the approval of England’s finest as they now carry two Royal Warrants – a brand is rewarded with these warrants when they are chosen to supply the royal family of England with goods which are in this case fine sporting arms. They have had this honor for more than a century. Recently Dallas’ company,  deBoulle Fine Sporting Arms formed an exclusive partnership with Holland & Holland to develop what will be the fourth Holland & Holland boutique in the entire world!

This year deBoulle Fine Sporting Arms will be attending the annual Dallas Safari Club Convention and displaying all of the new arrivals from Holland and Holland including Holland & Holland rifles and Holland & Holland shotguns. For nearly 30 years now, Dallas Safari Club’s event has brought hunting and sporting fans & enthusiasts from all around. This year will be no different and should be one of the largest yet. There are more than 30,000 outdoorsmen and outdoors women planning to attend the four-day exposition so far.

Not only will this event be spectacular for all, but everyone attending will be helping raise money to benefit wildlife conservations, the Dallas Safari Club, and the Dallas Ecological Foundation’s educational programs. For any questions or more information about deBoulle Fine Sporting Arms and deals regarding, deBoulle Diamond & Jewelry, or deBoulle’s presence at the Dallas Safari Club convention please do not hesitate to contact the Experts at deBoulle.

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