The Hublot Aero Bang was one of Hublot Geneve’s best selling timepieces since the year 2007. 2013 brings a new derivation of the timepiece with the Hublot “Aero” concept of movement. The timepiece garnered its “Aero” derivation because it is designed to be seen as though the movement is airborne. It has a graphically open-worked dial that is available currently in the Classic Fusion line which is Hublot’s most classic timepiece.

This Hublot Aero Bang draws on classic styling while it also shows off and draws upon the stunning aesthetics of the timepiece’s intricacies and movement. The watch has a calendar chronograph that provides an even greater assurance against counterfeits being produced. This issue is on the rise currently and so makes it even more important to buy from authorized dealers, but Hublot is taking steps like this in their production to make it even more difficult for counterfeiters. Because of this, they show the Hublot Aero Bang’s movement which adds to the watch’s prestigious and finely crafted appeal.

The Hublot Chrono Aero has a 45mm diameter case with more rounded and soft lines in line with its 2 push-buttons that reside on the side of the crown. These buttons are the small second and 30 minute markers and are at placed at the 3 o’clock position and 9 o’clock position, respectively.

The timepiece is featured in two materials, titanium as well as King Gold that is a combination of Hublot’s stunning red gold with 5% platinum that gives it an beautiful red color and adds to its value! These colors pair perfectly on the Hublot timepiece with a black alligator strap onto black rubber that ensures a flexible and perfectly fitting band that can remain durable. The Hublot Chrono Aereo also features a 42-hour power reserve and is water resistant to 50meters. Customers are able to custom order a Titanium or King Gold bracelets if they would prefer metal bracelet’s for their timepieces.

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