Oftentimes life is complicated… And oftentimes, those complications are not wanted! In the world of fine haute horlogerie, the opposite is true. Patek Philippe has released the most complicated watch they have ever produced. The 174 year old watch brand is truly the master of fine watch complications.

The $1.3 million watch is the Patek Philippe Ref. 6002 Sky Moon Tourbillon. The timepiece has 12 complications making it a “Grand Complication.” The watch has a tourbillon, minute repeater, sky chart, and a perpetual calendar. The sky chart on the back of the timepiece shows its wearer the evening sky in whatever region of the world they reside. The moon-phase then shows whether the moon is a crescent or full moon.

This watch took 7 years of development to make with the engraving taking more than 100 hours. The minute repeater chimes a note that is tuned to sound like cathedral bills. The price for this watch comes to $1.3 million, but that does not necessarily mean there is one available…

One must apply for ownership of the Patek Philippe Ref. 6002 as it is a Patek Philippe “application piece.” The fine watchmaking brand does what it can in order to ensure that those who end up owning a Patek Philippe 6002 are owners who will truly appreciate the fine timepiece. They must ensure that Ref. 6002 owners have a proven track record with Patek Philippe and that they will truly appreciate this stunning example of haute horlogerie. Patek Philippe has made it very clear of their intentions, “Even if you offered $6 million for the watch, we wouldn’t sell it to you unless you’re approved,” said Larry Pettinelli, president of Patek North America.

No one is sure how many Patek Philippe Ref. 6002 Sky Moon Tourbillons will be made, but Larry Pettinelli has said “it will be very few.”