In today’s world every thing around us is run by electronics… Ironically, the one item that for many of us is not run this way can be easily effected by the other’s presence. The watch on your wrist is on you all day and the steel components of the mechanism can be very sensitive to a magnetic field. The way they function and their accuracy can be greatly disturbed or altered by the electricity and magnetic fields household and other items produce.

Here are some items many of us are surrounded by daily that can have an impact on the performance of our watches.

–  mobile phones
–  laptop computers
–  microwaves
–  hair dryers
–  television sets
–  refrigerators
–  handbag, wallets, purses, and other items with magnetic closures
–  speakers
–  and more!

The Rolex Milgauss (shown below) was originally designed for doctors who are surrounded by more magnetic fields than most of us during their daily lives at a hospital. The Rolex Milgauss was built to better stand up to these magnetic fields & resist being magnetized.

This item list goes on & on… The magnetic fields have 3 main effects on a watch depending on how intense they are…
1) They run slightly fast when the magnetic field is very low intensity.
2) If the magnetic field is of medium intensity, the watch’s mechanism will become magnetized and this will, in turn, affect how its components interact with each other. This will remain until the watch is demagnetized.
3) If a watch is in the presence of a magnetic field too large, it will completely stop.

Whatever intensity of magnetism the timepiece is exposed to, the regulation and amplitude of the movement will return to normal after demagnetizing it. This intervention has no consequence on the timepiece but it must be completed by an Authorized Service Center. deBoulle Diamond & Jewelry is an authorized service center for many fine brands such as Patek Philippe, Tudor, Rolex, Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and more…