A year that marked a highly successful partnership between Ferrari and Hublot Geneve is coming to an end! It delivered on both commercial and relationship based goals the companies had set for each other. The first two Hublot Big Bang timepieces produced in the partnership were the Big Bang Magic Gold and the Big Bang Titanium. This stunning new technology matched perfectly with Ferrari’s strong brand image and passion for technology being combined with art & constant development. Promotionally, the companies worked together at more than 130 events!

Hublot Chairman and brand ambassador, Jean-Claude Biver, welcomed the success alongside the CEO of Hublot, Ricardo Guadalupe. This has furthered their motivation for 2013 and allowed them to continue to grow their brand and collection of fine Hublot timepieces. Because of these mutual feelings of success, Hublot recently announced the production of three more timepieces that will be added to the 45mm Big Bang collection.

 Most notably, the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari “Red Magic Carbon” is the symbol of the brand’s progress towards verticalisation. The watch has a case and movement designed, developed, and produced to completion by the Hublot manufacture. Developments such as this mark the sign of a truly great timepiece brand as all Swiss brands hope to be able to say that their watches are made completely in-house by ONLY their parts, movements, jewels, and highly skilled craftsman.

The UNICO movement used in the watch was designed, machined, and even developed all within the walls of the Hublot headquarters. The practical flyback chronograph allows the user to reset their timepiece at any time. The UNICO movement is unique in the watchmaking industry due to its two push-buttons with date indicator, and most notably its position with dual coupling and the notable “column wheel” visible on the dial side. The development of this “column wheel” required a completely original design through its design and development phase. It is unique in that the hour marker is moved by the barrel and without the aid of a jumper in the chronograph mechanism. This simplifies the design and in doing so improves not only reliability but also its strength. The resulting timepiece has only 330 components due to the improvements they made in the Hublot factory.

Since 2009 when Hublot’s Big Bang was launched, they have been making constant progress and the Hublot BIg Bang “Red Magic Carbon” is the result! The Hublot technical office has worked hand-in-hand with the Hublot Engineering laboratory as well as the Hublot Service Department to get to this point so they are more than slightly proud of the achievement.