Every girl grows up reading fairy-tales like Cinderella and Rapunzel. These stories provide the inspiration for women’s want of a royal wedding. Unfortunately, there are not to many royals in the world, so the chance for a royal wedding is slim. However, just because you are not royal does not mean you can’t be accessorized like a princess.


Compliment your beautiful wedding dress with vintage inspired jewelry to make your wedding as close to that fairy-tale wedding as possible. Vintage jewelry was more elaborate than the jewelry of today, so it is sure to wow your wedding guests!

Think long chandelier earrings and a choker with an elaborate pendant in the middle.

If you are not wearing a veil, opt for a jewel encrusted hair clip for an extra pop. Remember, everyone will see your arms as you walk down the aisle, so a bracelet is necessary. A bejeweled bangle will add that extra something to make you look like a princess.