Known for their innovative and stunning multi-tourbillon watches, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey of Greubel Forsey have not rested. They recently teamed up with artist Willard Wigan to create the Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1- the GF AP1. The timepiece has a 30 degree dual tourbillon, and it features a Wigan microsculpture that the wearer is able to admire through a magnifier in a special crown.

Willard Wigan is a British artist and although he may not be well known to those outside of the art world, those “in the know” regard him as a legend. Fun fact, he was knighted by Prince Charles in 2007. Wigan has been making sculptures the size of a needle’s head with some even smaller than red blood cells. Wigan constructs his pieces utilizing tools smaller than shards of diamonds and other gemstones. One of these micro-works-of-art rests inside the GF AP1.

The watch is completed by Greubel Forsey’s signature 30 degree double tourbillon. The cage, tilted at 30 degrees, rotates one time every minute while the outer cage sits parallel with the dial and completes one rotation every 4 minutes. The watch has a huge curved bridge that holds the double tourbillon between sapphire crystal and its caseback. One sees straight through it because of its crystal construction.

The dial has a beautiful blue tone and the mainplate is engraved with names of the three artists, watchmakers, and innovators involved: Stephen Forsey, Robert Greubel, and Willard Wigan. There is a 72-hour power reserve indicator at the 4 o’clock position – this is the only indicator you will find anywhere on the GF AP1. At 3 o’clock the crown is used only to wind the tourbillon.

Looking through the magnifier, that is styled like a second crown at the 9 o’clock position, one views the magnificent work of Willard Wigan. A dark blue bridge supports what looks like a simple spot of gold from the dial-side. At 23X magnificiation, the simple spot of gold becomes much more. You see that Wigan’s amazing sculpture is crisp & clean cut. The 3 mast sail boat appears to sail across the blue support with an all open-working bringing through enough light to view it perfectly.

Very few of the Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1 have been made with each containing a unique microsculpture from Willard Wigan. The “Golden Sails” edition is for sale at just under $2 million, but official pricing is available upon request. Take a look at our photos and let us know if you have any questions that you would like answered about Greubel Forsey timepieces or the GF AP1 specifically. deBoulle is proud to carry Greubel Forsey. Check out the latest from Greubel Forsey.